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    Lens recommendations system for beginner and novice photographers

Curates a list of lenses evaluated from user affinity toward certain photography categories

Features: Swipable images to like/dislike an image (I.E Tinder swipes) Helps photographers find lenses that will deliver images of their preference Integrates with FlickR API to show real images taken with specific lenses

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    Tasking Application utilizing Markdown editor and future team usage

TaskR builds the most powerful and flexible tools for task management

Features: Taskr's View component includes the most important data to help organize and sort tasks. Customize how tasks are shown within the UI. From sorting, filtering, and searching tasks a user can have complete control on what tasks are shown.

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Pinteresting Analytics

    SOA based application for a Pinterest clone to find optimal ratio of ads for users

Optimized my service gateway (Ad Aggregator) with an increased load of request via Amazon SQS Message bussing, Node Clustering and Database denormalization. Visualized Data with the ELK Stack.

Features: Backend App to learn distrubuted systems design and to optimze backend performances

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Watch Potato

    Movie and TV show scheduler targeted for Binge Watchers

Jumped into an existing codebase and implemented a profile page for users. Integrated Twilio API to send users mobile notifications for reminders and ratings

Features: Utilizes the TMDB API to gather latest meta data for TV shows and Movies. Scheduling interation with Google Calender. SMS notications integration with Twilio API

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